In order to submit papers for possible inclusion on the website, and for eventual consideration for our print publications, all submissions must strictly adhere to the following guidelines. Failure to do so will lead to your paper being rejected either immediately upon receipt or upon first review.

We are exclusively interested in papers that firmly contrast any civilizational aspect of Sanatana Dharma with any juxtaposing aspect of a non-Dharmic belief system, theological stance, philosophy, ideology, or idea. The goal of your paper must be to demonstratively establish the preeminence of Sanatana Dharma over the non-Dharmic philosophical proposition you are comparing it to. We are not interested in purely historical, hagiographical, philological, or needlessly abstractly academic papers – but only papers that directly interface Sanatana Dharma with modernity in a polemically engaged manner.

We require that you have a degree related to the field upon which you are commenting.

Please submit a biographical sketch with your paper of no more than 90 words. This biographical sketch must include your exact degree(s).

Submissions should range from approximately 5-15 pages in length.

All submissions must be written in Standard North American English and be completely free of all spelling and grammar errors. We will not edit your paper, so please make sure the spelling and grammar are perfect before submitting if you want it to be accepted.

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