Who We Are

Our think tank is an academic/intellectual organization that is focused upon researching, propagating and concretely affecting social-political change. Effective think tanks by definition consist of a small number of scholars, writers, and speakers who are experts in their respective fields, properly credentialed, and recognized as so by their peers, and who represent to the maximal degree the ideas and vision of the think tank. Such a group of scholars form a closely-knit team working collaboratively toward the same goal. Thus, think tanks by nature focus on the quality of intellectual output, rather than quantity of human bodies involved. The following scholars are the primary collaborators for the Center for the Study of Dharma and Civilization.

Director Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya

Board of Advisors:

Dr. David Frawley
American Institute for Vedic Studies

Professor Ramdas Lamb
University of Hawaii

Professor Parmender Mehta
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Professor Ramesh Rao
Longwood University, Communications Dept. Chair

Professor Daniel Wilkins
University of Nebraska, Physics Dept. Chair

Mr. John Morgan
Editor-in-Chief, Arktos Media

Webmaster & Designer – Tulasi Devi