First established in 2002, the Center for the Study of Dharma and Civilization (CSDC) is the very first successfully established Vedic think tank in American history. The CSDC represents the first credible attempt to create a viable and professional Sanatana Dharma think tank in every sense of the term.

The only people involved with the CSDC on an intellectual output level are highly qualified and unapologetically pro-Sanatana Dharma scholars who have distinctive degrees and reputations in the fields they are commenting upon.

The CSDC is a Sanatana Dharma think tank that is capable of representing the interests of the Sanatana Dharma community with a very high degree of qualitative excellence, dignity, professionalism, and effectiveness. The creation of the CSDC is an historic opportunity to finally have an intellectual institution that can serve the Sanatana Dharma community for many years to come.

With God’s divine grace, with funding from charitable and visionary community leaders, with the general well-wishes of the Sanatana Dharma community, and with a professional and dedicated leadership, this vision of America’s first Sanatana Dharma think tank has finally become a reality.