What We Do

Our activities focus on actively and confidently juxtaposing Sanatana Dharma as a philosophical world-view vis-à-vis other world-views. With this activity, Sanatana Dharma is assertively proffered as being, not only on an equal footing with other world-views, but as offering cultural and philosophical riches that no other world-view has. Such intellectual promotion of Vedic civilization is our most wide-ranging activity. We are proposing Sanatana Dharma as a global civilizational force boldly contrasted with the other four civilizational forces present in the world today (Chinese, Islamic, American, European), as well as the leading ideological forces in today’s world (Abrahamism, Marxism, Capitalism, Islam, etc.). Such paradigmatic activity includes creating comparative analyses of Dharma versus other thought systems (i.e., comparing Sanatana Dharma vs. Christianity, Sanatana Dharma vs. Marxism, Sanatana Dharma vs. Atheism, etc.). This category of activity also includes the creation of original critiques, commentaries and position papers giving the Sanatana Dharma perspective on the most important issues of the day: The Sanatana Dharma perspective on the environment, on fiscal policy, on ethics, on terrorism, on women’s rights, on race, on poverty, etc.

There are several more practical functions of the CSDC. These include:

A) Visionary Leadership: The formulation of strategy, vision, direction for the Sanatana Dharma community, and mentorship for new community leaders.

B) Research: Gathering data, information, and knowledge that will serve the greater community of Sanatana Dharma scholars in their own work.

C) Outreach: This consists primarily of writing articles (both academic and popular), presenting our work at conferences, use of the Internet, interviews with the media, consulting on Sanatana Dharmic issues for media, government departments, corporations, etc., and establishing an academic journal.

D) Community Development: Programs aimed at educating the general Sanatana Dharma community on the problem of anti-Dharmic defamation; creating and conducting Dharmic leadership seminars for local Sanatana Dharma leaders; offering scholarships to Dharmic youth willing to become future Sanatana Dharma scholars.

E) Strategy Formulation: Our think tank will look, not only at present conditions and problems, but will have as a primary goal creating workable and achievable strategies for future community survival and growth.